History of Hōzanji

The Hōzanji-temple is the Mecca of the adorers of Shōden in this country.

And the name of this temple is better known by the name of "Ikoma-Shōden" because of abundance in the miraculous virtue of "Shōden".

To-day it is a Head Temple of the Singon-Risshū Sect.
The first time ascetic En enterd this mountain in 6th century.

It is said that he put Prajna-Paramita Sutra in Sanskrit in the cavern that stands high on the north side of the precinct.

Therefore this place has been called generally as Han-nya Kutsu(Prajna-Cavern)from olden times. Later Kōbō-Daishi also visited here.

In 1678 priest Tankai entered this mountain and enshrined here the "Kangi-Ten."
His incomparable Buddhist trainning was accepted by the Kangi-Ten and the miraculous virtue realized by him is numerous.

Fanatic adoration of his followers concentrated on him and this temple was crowded by visitors of all classes. Then in few years the area of this temple became in a general as large as it is to-day.





Therefore priest Tankai is called the 2nd founder of this temple.

After him the name of "Ikoma-Shōden" has been more and more loudly announced up to this day,
because the succesive abbots have kept wel to the residual laws of the founder,
through the hard and fast pracitce of Buddhism.

By the way "Shōden", suffice it to say.
"Daishō-Kangi-Ten" is nothing but a Buddha, who teaches us the deep meaning of the "Singon-Doctrine," that even we sinners can in ourselves become Buddha by taking pleasure in our lives and we can change our stained world into a paradise only by the spirit of concord, which is symbolized in the image of Shōden, figuring embraced god and godess.

May our visitors, who happen to pray to "Shōden," practise the teaching of delight and concord both in ther domestic and social lives!

We do not doubt that our visitors will be protected unconsciously by Shōden, if they believe deeply in him.